About Us

Smile Charity Uganda (SCU) is a non-profit Christian founded NGO based in Uganda Registered Charity Number: 11225 and founded in March 2011 first as CBO.

SCU focusses on children-at-risk through empowering families and the Church. We look toward holistically empowered and transformed lives through education, practical evangelism initiatives and community outreach programs in Uganda. We aim for a long term rebuilding of lives through six domains – evangelism, education, development, empowerment, rebuilding and food security.

Smile Charity Uganda is based on plot 700 Munyonyo road, Naluvule, Wakiso District in Uganda and operates mainly in Kampala and Wakiso districts. Our great impact has so far been realised in the city slums of Nabulagala in Kampala and the impoverished communities of Nansana in Wakiso district.

Uganda has a population of about 42 million people comprised of majority children and youth (http://countrymeters.info/en/Uganda). Kampala district which hosts Kampala city the capital, has a population close to two million while Wakiso district has close to three million inhabitants. Uganda‚Äôs population is comprised of 49.9 % children below 15 years and 48.1 % between 15 and 64 years while only 2.1% are above 65 years. The total dependency ratio of population in Uganda is 108 %. The Child dependency ratio in Uganda is 103.7 % while the aged dependency ratio in Uganda is only 4.3 %. Therefore, the greater need in Uganda is with the child. The rate of school dropout is very high among the impoverished or most needy families especially those living in the city slums or deep in the rural and less developed areas.

In order to achieve visible impact in the ministry of the children, we also intentionally drive our efforts towards equipping and empowering families and the Church. We host a fellowship of Pastors and Church leaders with the aim of maintaining mutual support, equipping and epowering the Church to effectively share the gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We support Churches where possible in the building of structures and developing the growing congregations and their leadership. We hope to set up a well equipped library for the Pastors, Church leaders and Children ministers to ease their preparedness to serve others and share the gospel.

In the year 2016 we piloted a medical mission hosted by Blessed Word of Life Church in Nansana, Wakiso district and supported by friends from Farefield Community Church in the United Kingdom. An amazing number of 3,300 people were reached out to either for medical treatment, counseling or prayer support. Many got encouraged and commited their lives to the saving grace and Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer and hope that we shall continue to host such medical missions of great impact thanks to our old and new friends like you.

We are currently open to have new friends and partners whether individuals, groups, Churches or Organisations to expand our work and ministry of caring for children at risk, communities in need and the Church in Uganda especially in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

You can also partake of the joyful experience in serving according to your special gift whether teaching in schools, preaching in Churches and communities, ministering in various ways to empower and encourage people. You can do this by signing up with us to visit the people of Uganda where Smile Charity Uganda serves. We do host volunteers from distant places at our Smile House in Nansana and also make it more interesting by providing tour services to those who like to have a good adventure to the various tourist  attractions in Uganda including the source of the great Nile river, game national parks and reserves, cultural sites and many more exciting adventures. Never mind, we will find something to suite your pocket and even make it more memorable than those only specialising in the tour industry.

For more about Smile Charity Uganda, please do not hesitate to contact us.