Christian Safari’s

Uganda has a rich history of the Christian faith and endowment of natural resources ranging from the source of the great Nile river, national game parks and reserves, water falls including the mighty Murchison falls, a rich culture and warmly  welcoming people.
There are many Faith based sites to visit and try to explore and understand the understand the wealth of the Uganda history from the Christian View point.Visit the Historical Cathedrals, Mosques, temples and shrines to appreciate the Journey of t he Christian Faith in Uganda. The local markets, the food cultures, the family lives, the tribes , the hills and mountains.
The breath taking green all intertwined with businesses, street life, village and city life and wealth and poverty.
Eyes, Ears and all senses of humanity take in the sights and sounds of Uganda.
Obviously you might have heard and known about Uganda for some not-too-good news in the past but you can find out How Uganda re-emerged as a top tourist destination – It is not a surprise that most of the people who come to Uganda to volunteer with us have asked to be taken around for a tour. Initially we engaged tour companies to take our foreign visitors with one or two of our own staff or local volunteers.
We realised that we could do it ourselves and lock in several advantages including cost saving which would make it more affordable to our visitors, more positive time spent out on recreation, reduction of risk, bonus site touring on a single expedition and much, much more! On your budget, Smile collects a commission of 20% on your total Safari budget. This money helps Smile to keep its on going charity work among the poor and the needy going.
You have the fun, the joy of the world and the time to relax and as you do all that, you are actually helping us to save lives, Send kids to school and help women start up small business to meet the needs of their family.