The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad, it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.

Caring in crisis for individuals going through a moment of disaster or unforeseen emergencies in order to save their lives by providing them with food, medication and small essentials as hope is restored.

Adullam Caverna (Cave of Adullam 1 Samuel 22) is our shelter where people faced with temporary homelessness or escaping domestic violence are provided with a home for relief as we restore hope.

Managing crisis and natural calamities when they occur in order to save lives, restore hope and rebuild family cohesion. Our team of volunteers are always readily equipped to face and reach out to those in crisis.

We give a hand up not a hand out to all those in crisis plight.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program supports a widely range of individuals /Victims including: Sexually/physically assaulted, Homeless young people, Divorced Mothers, Accident Victims, Deported Fellows, Single & Neglected Parents.

In Uganda we have no established welfare system and because of this: an alarming number of Ugandans suffer to death as no support is availed to their plight. At SCU; We work to alleviate these situations and merge this gap in the best way that we can.

Jesus’ love guides our hearts to sacrificially give our time and resources as we relate with depressed people that are struggling to appreciate the purpose of life.

We avail daily discipleship classes to make Jesus piece and part of the renewed lives

To counter depression and anxiety we avail counselling to rebuild the broken and wounded.

We still go an extra mile to avail monthly medical checkups and skilling classes to ensure that all our beneficiaries of the program exit SCU after holistic transformation in Faith, Family, & Finance.

You can help in various ways. See them here