Evangelism and discipleship

Evangelism and discipleship
We act on spreading the word of God through evangelizing and discipling different souls. As a Christ
centered organization we work towards developing a Christ acknowledging society and generation
through our different activities including pastors’ discipleship fellowship, pastors’ wives’ discipleship
fellowship, children bible clubs, training church leaders, missions to village churches, building churches
and the smile youth hub.

Pastors’ discipleship fellowship
Pastorship is the most essential ministry in the body of Christ were no mistakes are ought to be done
and on this we work together with pastors to bring them together and disciple each other on reaching
our purposed goal in Christ as Jesus directed us in Mathew 28:19-20.
In this fellowship pastors come together, work out in unity and love, share a snack and talk about the
different ministry works together, and teach each other more in the word of God.Pastors’ wives’ discipleship fellowship.

A wife to a pastor is the most important example in a church. Most of the saints in the church look upon
the pastor and the pastors’ wife as their best example so sensitivity in their lives is very strict. It is always
best that pastors’ wives’ come together and always settle their lives towards building a great Christ
forcused and centered generation in the ministry.

 Children bible clubs
Jesus said “let the children come to me for such is the kingdom of Heaven”, and in this we do our best
that children come closer to God through studying God’s word and learning more about how to live a
Godly way in the society. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he
will not depart form it”, discipling a child in the way of the Lord  help them overcome different challenges in life and also work to reduce crime rate while it is still down.

Training church leaders
Church leaders are a great resource to the community so they have to be taught on how they can
improve the community. In this we follow the example of Jesus He set when he taught his disciples for
how to handle different circumstances and challenge they would face so church leaders and ministers
also need to be taught and discipled in the word of God.

Mission to village churches
Reaching out to different churches in villages so as to encourage them and help them know that other
churches and different groups of people care about them. This encourages them to spread spread the
word of God knowing that they are not alone in this. We also encourage other missionaries to join us in
this walk to visit different churches and strongly establish the word of God.

    Building churches
With help from devoted supporters and volunteers, we extend help to growing churches in order to
establish permanent structures for worshiping in. this is done by mostly our volunteers who devote in their time and visit these churches and also engage in the building activities. Pastors and saints of these
churches also help in developing and establishing this work of God.

Smile youth hub
As the biggest population, the youths need to be trained to walk in the way of the Lord for the bible says
in psalm 119:9 “how shall a young person stay pure? By obeying your word and following its rules”. The
Smile youth hub is always working towards clearing the youths’ minds and directing them in the way
they should move in this world. This helps them overcome things like drug abuse, committing crimes and many other habits that are not good for them.