COVID-19 Emergency Appeal, April 2020


Thank you so much for your kind wishes of support. It means a lot to me as we manage and direct the work of SMILE Charity Uganda (SCU) in the context of COVID-19.

Uganda now has 46 confirmed cases.  Many others, who don’t know their status, are spreading the virus without knowing it.  In view of this, a stricter ‘’state lock-down’’ has just been announced by the Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.  We may not be able the help the whole of Uganda, but we can help those on our beneficiary list for now.

Current situation in Uganda

No-one is allowed to go out to work, yet the  government is helping somehow but the less fortunate Ugandans live hand to mouth.  Many also live in very crowded conditions.  Food prices are escalating quickly and lorries from the farms carrying food are being looted.  There is likely to be civil unrest once hunger and water shortages takes a grip on the local population. This will cause insecurity and it will be difficult to protect those on our beneficiary list.

Top Priority Request for Help

With SCU trustees we are considering what our top priorities are for the months ahead.  We have stopped much face to face work.  We have sadly lost a significant line of income because the step-out trips, where groups from churches and organisations in the UK volunteer and do safaris organised with us, have been cancelled. Our top priority is keeping up the rental payments of our Caverna Crisis home, which provides care for vulnerable people such as homeless children and women fleeing domestic violence

The Pressing Need with a Deadline of April 20th

1. The Smile BASE:  we are struggling to pay the annual rent of approximately £6,200 for our two rented properties: 1. our Mission/administrative office. 2. ‘CavernaCrisis home where we are housing and feeding eight boys and one girl.  Without the centre, these children would be on the streets potentially spreading COVID 19.

We have received a donation of £1,200. We need a balance of £5,000 to cover the rent for both the Mission/administrative office and the Caverna crisis home.

 2. Food parcels for most of our vulnerable beneficiaries to enable them to stay at home in this time of lock down. It will cost us approximately £4,700 to provide the much needed food, water and other items for all our most vulnerable beneficiaries.


Food parcels are vital. If people go hungry, they will be out on the streets and the spread of COVID-19 will accelerate like a time bomb. It is our prayer that those we support, will be saved by staying at home with food and water.

We plan to distribute food parcels to 105 families in the Kampala area and its slums. (these are the most vulnerable according to SCU’s research).

A standard food parcel will cost £47 for each family. A little extra on top of that will help us to transport the food and deliver to the families.  You can sponsor one parcel or more.

The food parcels would contain the following:


§    Rice/Maize 

§    Drinking Water                         

§    Freash Vegetables                     

§    Instant porridge pack   

§    Cereal Flour   

§    Sugar & iodized salt 

§    Toilet tissue 

§    Tooth brush & paste

§    Laundry detergents

§     Anti-bacterial soap and washing soap                          



A 3-dimensional approach to help us

  1. Pray for SCU beneficiaries, volunteers, staff and trustees.
  1.   Give generously as the Lord shall lead you. Sponsor one or two food parcels and also help us pay the rent for our office and the Caverna Crisis home.

Our total need is now £9,700 (£4,700 + £5,000).    I guarantee good stewardship for the donations.

To give online, please go to 

  1. Advocate for SCU by asking others to help.

If you are able to tell others about this urgent need, recommend and signpost Smile Charity Uganda to anyone who might be able to assist, we would be so grateful. 

Once again, on behalf of Smile Charity Uganda (SCU), I want to say thank you for reaching out in this time of need. Bennie and I can only pray together with our team of volunteers and trustees that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family.

Every blessing

You can reach us on  zoom using or Skype should you require more information (skype is