Education Support Initiative

Child Sponsorship
SCU provides educational support to children through the generous support from sponsors. A
sponsored child is availed with fees, basic health and feeding to ensure holistic growth & well-being of
child while at school. Children also exchange written letters to their sponsors to express their gratitude
and to know their sponsors on personal level.
Catch up classes
-a wide range of children (neglected, disabled and un-schooled) in the many slum communities affiliated
to SCU greatly benefit from this TESSA curriculum where we teach basic literacy and numeracy .Many of
these children’s parents helplessly toil to avail the basic home necessities due to unemployment, blue-
collar and one off jobs that add a small house-hold income which cannot support education.

Professional Twinning.
-Many students lack the resources required to upgrade from high school to college and into the working
community so as to become relevant change agents to the society but through this program the
professionalism abroad is rooted into the local society as a Lawyer, Doctor or any other Senior citizen
abroad sponsors a child in Uganda to change society through a similar trend of craftsmanship.

Building Schools.
Step out teams bless and get involved with communities in SCU through building schools. Many of these
schools are poorly structured and very un conducive for learning but through the kindness and selfless
gratitude of the step out teams; We get on ground and build better structures thereby ensuring that
children study in enriched learning environments.