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Crisis Care & Management

Caring in crisis for individuals going through a moment of disaster or unforeseen emergencies in order to save their lives by providing them with food, medication and small essentials as hope is restored.
Adullam Caverna (Cave of Adullam 1 Samuel 22) is our shelter where people faced with temporary homelessness or escaping domestic violence are provided with a home for relief as we restore hope. Managing crisis and natural calamities when they occur in order to save lives, restore hope and rebuild family cohesion. Our team of volunteers are always readily equipped to face and reach out to those in crisis. We give a hand up not a hand out to all those in crisis plight.

Asked Questions about Crisis care

How do we help those deemed fit for the program?

We provide and rehabilitate the program beneficiaries untill they are ready and past any previous traumatic experience.

What is the crisis care program for?

This program aim at helping vulnerable people who are in a critical need for shelter and basiclivelihood means.