Get Involved

Participate and be a part of our ever growing team by supporting our programs through visiting us here on the ground, volunteering with our programs of your choice. You can also stand with us in Prayers

Take a Safari Trip

If you've been longing to take a safari trip to Africa with your family or associates. Uganda is richly endowed with welcoming people, a preserved culture and great places to visit including beautiful sceneries, the source of the Nile, equator, national game parks, the mighty Murchison falls, mountain gorilla tracking and many more. Get hosted in our secure and furnished Smile house, great meals that suite your taste and dieting needs, standby power generator, fast and stable WiFi and experienced staff and volunteers.

Join in Missions & Projects

Take part in our building projects that randomly come up depending on need, interest and funding. We have had our hands on building shelters for widows, classrooms and Church structures. Once in a while, we together with a team of local doctors and visiting volunteers conduct medical missions where we offer medical check-ups and treatment in the impoverished community where we serve.

Support a Person in Need

Choose to sponsor and empower an individual on a long term monthly basis. There are five categories of people in need that we carefully assess and enroll in our programs; child education sponsorship, professional and career twinning, widow sponsorship and short term skilling young people. You can also sponsor a volunteer with a monthly stipend or a pastor with a monthly gift.

Gap Year Student's Trip

Whether you're considering gap time directly after high school, during college, taking a year off is a great opportunity to learn through new experiences. With over ten years' experience in hosting Gap Year Students from the UK and the US, Smile Charity Uganda is your choice destination for a three to nine month's active service in relation to our programs. We ensure safety without compromising on the local experience.